Having grown up in a small country town in Georgia, to traveling the world and experiencing new cultures, the one consistent beauty that continues to amaze me is that of the female form. Over the years, I have increased my admiration for its beauty and have now began capturing its grace and beauty in one of the most beautiful ways possible. A process called Bodyscapes. 

Although most bodyscapes consist of nude poses, do not be discouraged. If you’re not comfortable with being entirely nude, the look can still be achieved. Choosing to focus on the common bare parts of the body such as neck, cleavage, arms, back, stomach, buttocks, legs, or any part of your body that makes you feel sensual is a simple yet elegant alternative that still results in beautiful photographs. 

Because of the manipulation of light, bodyscape photography does not require a lot of preparation which is ideal for both client and photographer.

It is the quintessential way to take pictures of any body shape. Ideally, all unwanted parts can be hidden in shadows while the parts you want to accentuate can be brought into light.