Your Privacy is of the utmost importance and a valid concern to have because you’re a (judge, lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher, banker, daycare worker, police officer, member of the armed forces, or just a well-known religious or public figure in your community) and don’t want your face (or entire body) all over the internet and social media for the world to see.

No need to worry as YOU’RE in good hands and have complete control of what photos are shared or not shared. 

There are 3 options to choose from. Here they are and what they mean for you:


This option is for the adventurous clients that are excited, not only to have their photos taken, but to share them with the world!  

When choosing this option, you are EXCITED knowing that images from your session will be shared on this website, the Brown Lotus Photography Facebook Page, Instagram, or blogs. They may be used in advertising, marketing, or any other forum where my work might be featured.


This option is for clients who are comfortable with sharing their photos as long as their face, or identifying marks, are not shown and maintains their privacy through discretion.

Choosing this option consists of detailed anonymous body shots, without your face, and may be used in all of the mention forums described in the Full Disclosure Release. 


This option is for clients who prefer to keep their images for themselves. Unless YOU decide to share or post them, your photos will NEVER be shared (for any reason). This option is perfectly OK and yours to make. 

Brown Lotus Photography, since day one, has built its reputation for making the client feel as comfortable as possible while providing complete discretion and assurance knowing your photos are safe.

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