The time has come to leave Germany and return back to the United States. Having the opportunity to live in Germany for the past four years has been a combination of good and bad, hi and low, and ups and downs; however, the journeys we took and the memories made are unforgettable. 

COVID definitely limited our travel opportunities but what it did for me was open the door to collaboration opportunities that most likely would not have taken place had it not been for lockdown and restricted travel. 

I was truly blessed to have met so many beautiful, and genuine, clients during this tour of Germany. As I am weeks away from departing Germany, I was able to have sessions with many of my original clients that assisted me in building my portfolio to what you see now. These women are truly AMAZING and I am forever grateful for their beautiful spirits and openness to bring my creativity to life in still image form. 

It is my pleasure to share a few images from our “Auf Wiedersehen” (Goodbye) session.