Ms. V is a remarkable woman and I have wanted to have a session with her from the moment we first met. She’s a fellow photographer and have always wanted to have a session where she was the client. Of course I was more than happy when she chose me to capture her grace and beauty. I was even more honored when she wanted to do a session that was focused on the struggles she’s had with insecurities of her body.

So this session, for so many reasons, is to capture the essence of her natural beauty and to showcase that her “insecurities” are what makes her truly remarkable, unique, and amazing. The journey for self-love, self-appreciation, and empowerment, is a path that is traveled by so many women. 

Through the power of boudoir photography, I am able to assist women by showing them a healthy perspective of their bodies. It is the ability to celebrate, love, and see the power of their bodies. In doing so, they will see there are no societal norms or standards of beauty in the art that is boudoir. What makes them unique, IS what makes them beautiful.