Ms. S’s journey started by accompanying a friend to their session so that she could view the process. When her friend asked if I was okay with it, of course I said Yes. I just told her friend, Ms. P, to have her bring a robe and slippers just in case she wanted to have an on the spot session as well. As fate would have it, that is exactly what happened. After letting Ms. O view the behind the scenes aspect of photography, how clients are posed, lighting used, etc., she felt comfortable enough to get in front of the camera (topless only). After a few snaps, she was relaxed enough to go fully nude. How awesome is that! It was my absolute pleasure to capture her body in a way that she has never seen and the emotions she displayed from viewing herself in a new light was truly rewarding and reenforces why I love doing this. Empowering women to harness and embrace self-love is the ultimate goal.