Ms. L and I were suppose to have a session over a year ago and life, as always, just happens. As my time in Germany is growing shorter, I reached out to inform her of my time left and she responded with some of the happiest news ever……I’m pregnant! 

We always planned to have a boudoir and artistic nude session and what better way to have that session than through the celebration of bringing life into this world and the beauty of a woman’s body as it changes. I was happy to have a maternity session with her to not only celebrate her joyous occasion but to also be a part of forever documenting her journey of firsts. 

Maternity sessions are truly majestic because of the joys and journey that is encompassing of becoming a mother. Ms. L, I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this special occasion. Please be sure to keep me up to date when your little bundle of joy shows her presence into this world.