Friendship is one of the greatest gifts we could ever hope to obtain and sustain throughout our lives. Friendship create bonds that sometime foster lifelong connections such as tattoos and piercings; however, in this case, the bond is boudoir. 

Ironically, I had sessions with two childhood friends of Ms. C’s. Each told me about their friendship and their connection through matching tattoos. So after discovering I had sessions with 2 of the 3 friends, they reached out to Ms. C to have a session with me so their friendship could have yet another bond that connected them. How AWESOME is that? Without hesitation, she reached out to set a date and time and I am so happy she did. This Greek Beauty has never had a photo session, and doesn’t even take selfies. You would never know that from seeing her results.

Although she had all of the emotions associated with having her first session, she killed it in front of the camera. I am truly honored to not only be a vessel that forever bonds these three friends together through the power of photography but I am also grateful to capture the grace and beauty of Ms. C. 

She is a natural beauty and her images are simply mesmerizing. 

Do you agree?