Basic Information:

A typical session lasts about 2 hours. As we go through the session, I will take around 5-10 shots and then show them to you. This reoccurrence will happen throughout the session so you can enjoy how beautiful your body looks from a different perspective while also gaining confidence and getting comfortable with the setting.

Finished images will be shared via a password protected Client Gallery from my website.

As with all clients, we would love to be able to use your images to further promote our Website, FB Page, Instagram and other social media sites; therefore, we offer our clients three disclosure release choices - Full Disclosure Release, Partial Disclosure Release, and Non-Disclosure release. To learn more about each disclosure, click here.

Things to consider - Preparation Leading to Your Session:

-Starting now: drink plenty of water and get that skin looking right.

- 1 month out: Schedule any hair, makeup, nail and/or aesthetician appointments.

- 2-4 weeks before: If you plan to purchase items for your session, now’s the time to shop for them.

These are common items associated with boudoir sessions:

- Matching bra & panty set

- Mismatched bra & panties

- Corsets & Garter Belts

- Silk Slips

- Bodysuits

- Rompers

- Sheer Robe

- Leather Jacket

- Button-down Shirt

- Soft Sweater

- Tight T-shirt or Tank Top

- Sports jersey of favorite team

- Thigh-high stockings

- Pearl necklace

- Masquerade Mask

- Body Jewelry

- Bathrobe

- Dog tags (for military affiliation)

- 3-7 days out: Get waxed (bikini, lip, brow- whatever your normal routine is) a few days prior to ensure the redness or irritation has subsided. If you do not shave, then that is fine as well. Stay out of the sun to prevent red skin look. Lay out and try on outfits. Coordinate your wardrobe in advance but bring as many as you like. Drink plenty of water for luminous skin. Lower your salt intake if you're worried about retaining water.

- Day before: Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. Shave and moisturize. Want legs and under arms looking their best. Have a nice and relaxing evening with no stress. Most importantly, get a good night's sleep.

-Today's the day: Ensure everything is packed and loaded in vehicle. Use clear deodorant or none at all. Better to not use any than have the ugly white underarms. Wear loose fitting clothes to avoid red marks on your skin (no jeans, tight socks, or tight clothing). Highly recommend skipping your bra and panties for your initial journey as the straps and lining can easily leave lines as well. If you prefer, eat something light on the way to get you satisfied through the shoot.

Please ensure you bring a bathrobe and slippers so that you are able to remain warm and covered between sessions and transitions.

Finally, RELAX. You're in good hands !