Womance’ is a project that focuses on the evolution women undergo during weight loss, pregnancy, childbirth, and the various stages of postpartum healing.

The word womance is a portmanteau of the word woman & romance. The perfect word for a project whose emphasis is to rid women of the shame they feel after undergoing the natural changes involved with creating new life. The goal is to embrace uniquely individualized imperfections and encourage a newfound romance with all of the things that make you, you.

Womance, is a self-love focused shoot. Together we will capture the wonders of the female body utilizing a bodyscape style of photography. Participation in the project will require nudity (semi and full), to showcase the beauty that encompasses the essence of motherhood.

We understand the uncertainty and nervousness that comes with baring one’s body on display, so it is to be noted that none of the photos will show a display of face. All images will be cropped to highlight the body only.

No matter the size, shape, skin tone, or features you hold, you are beautiful, and we would be honored with your participation in the collaboration & creation of this project.