Preparing for your outdoor boudoir session

1) Prepare for the Elements

Whether there are no clouds in the sky or a heavy overcast, it is important to always wear sunscreen. It’s highly recommended to apply sunscreen before your makeup and on your body prior to leaving your residence. The next element are insects. Posing prompts will mostly likely have you lay in grass, lean against a tree, or simply interact with nature. All of these increase your chance of coming into contact with mosquitos and ticks. So PLEASE apply insect repellant before your session to decrease the likelihood of insect interaction. I have a handy outdoor session kit that will have both sunscreen and Deet, so no need to worry if you forget to bring your own.  Finally, if you struggle with allergies, plan accordingly. Have some Benadryl handy to avoid, or decrease, reactions from contact with the ground, pollen, or trees. Last, but definitely not least, DO NOT forget to bring something to drink.


Although my intent is to always find a location that provides seclusion and privacy, the use of public space and locations still presents uncertainty. This means there is always a chance of a passerby. Because of this, I always bring a pop-up tent to provide a quick hiding location until the passerby passes. If this is something you are not okay with, the next option is to secure private land via an Airbnb rental. Regardless of your comfort level, an outdoor boudoir session is possible, with a little extra planning.


The most difficult part of any session is planning what to wear as it can be a bit intimidating. The use of light, airy materials with neutral colors easily compliment the colors of the outdoors e.g. orange, green and brown, colorful flowers and leaves, and the blue and teal tones of lakes. Use of fabrics such as lace and satin merge well with nature also. Cotton and leather are more suited for indoor shoots except on special occasions such as with cars or motorcycles as props. Long airy robes and sheer dresses are perfect for outdoor shooting as well.

To try and bring some calmness to choosing what to wear while also preventing clients from spending lots of money or bringing lots of clothing items to the location, I always recommend we use a multiple look concept. If you were to simply bring a bra and panty set along with a sheer or airy robe, we have the possibility to create 5 multiple looks with that set of clothing items.

Here is what I mean: with the bra and panty set that is being paired with a sheer robe you can wear:

1) Sheer robe with the bra and panty set

2) Sheer robe with bra and no panty

3) Sheer robe with panty and no bra

4) Sheer robe with nothing underneath

5) Bra and panty set with no robe

Of course, these multiple looks are dependent upon your comfort level during your session and how many of these looks you would feel comfortable with incorporating as you ease into the overall experience.


Using props for outdoor boudoir creates a tone, setting, and feeling for the session. Some commonly used props are flowers, foliage, an umbrella, peacock chair, bicycle, picnic basket, over-sized hat, and fruit. Quite frankly, the sky’s the limit. If unsure what props to bring or which items would go best with your wardrobe, let me know and I will assist.


Posing for outdoor sessions and locations are slightly different. Because there are no fixed furniture or lighting equipment, the poses that are chosen will be inclusive of Mother Nature and her surroundings. implement nature’s furniture. The use of trees, shrubbery, fence posts, creek beds, and natural light creates a surreal mood to your session while providing a unique and overall different experience. Most often, I suggest clients go barefoot to simply feel nature and to become one with her. Outdoor boudoir is a completely different experience than a studio session and your shooting location of choice is limitless, albeit if the location is public verse private property.


Outside of my smartwatch and wedding ring, I rarely ever wear accessories in my daily life and routines. However, when it comes to boudoir and nude sessions, accessories really bring images to the next level. Accessories are the key ingredients to the many possibilities. Below is a list of my personal favorite accessories from Amazon:

  • Harnesses
  • Necklaces and Chokers
  • Lace Gloves
  • Heels
  • Masquerade Mask
  • Jackets (leather, fur, vintage)
  • Sentimental Items (favorite shirt, sports team jersey, kink item, or wedding lingerie)
  • Flowers
  • Oversized Hat
  • Cloaks


Sooooo, if you’re cool with strippin’ it down, then body jewelry is a GREAT accessory to dress yourself with. This style of jewelry complements the body and draws attention to your features. Body jewelry comes in many styles and color selections that will fit your style, personality and body. If up for a nice compliment to nude sessions, this is a GREAT start.


This is something that we all rock EVERY day, so why not do so in front of the lens and embrace your beautiful body. Embracing who you are inside and out is celebrating your curves, your non-curves, your laugh lines and scars, your smooth complexion, your BODY!!! 

If you’re tatted up? Bare it all and lets show off and showcase your ink!